PVC Coating

Manibhadra Copper Coils with PVC Coatings specifically designed for the distribution of combustible liquids and gases in underground areas

The special plain continuous PVC covering ensures perfect adhesion to the copper tube and gives it electrical insulation from the surrounding environment. UndefinedCharacteristics of the Manibhadra copper tube
Manufactured in accordance with European Standard EN 1057
Does not soften at high temperatures
Completely impermeable to gases
Resistant to UV rays

Metal Cutting Skills

  • Acuracy 98%
  • Precision 95%
  • Tolerance 90%
  • Finishing 98%
  • Wastage 10%

PVC Coating

ALUMINIUM BRONZE PIPES MANUFACTURER IN INDIA Characteristics of the covering Covering made of a special stabilized PVC resin Plain continuous PVC covering (without air channels on the internal surface) according to standard UNI 10823 Minimum thickness of the covering: 1.5mm Cover made with raw granulated PVC Excellent resistance to external chemical agents Marked every meter Electrical resistance: ≥100 MWm2 (UNI 10823)